Last-Minute, DIY and MIY Gift Ideas: PLUS FREE Tiny Felted Purse Pattern

An assortment of smaller felted bags in a bright rainbow of colors. They are all arranged on a deep window sill in Nora Bellows former artist studio in the Savage Mill.
Delicious little bags . . . one for each of your loved family and friends.

This year I’m going to make everything I give as gifts. It gets me in the holiday spirit, I feel more connected to the friends and family I give gifts to, and I think thoughtful (and perishable) gifts are more memorable and more sustainable than more stuff.

Whatever you are planning, I thought I would share with you what I’m making:

First, my knitting projects:

Tiny Knitted and Felted (Coin and Treasure) Purses

An array of rainbow-colored Lipstick and Change purses sits against a white background.

My FAVORITE knitted gifts are TINY knitted gifts. I still can’t make enough tiny and small purses that anyone can tuck away in a larger bag, or a lingerie drawer, or a knitting bag, or even a jacket pocket. Some will be lined. Some not. They are perfect for beloved friends with treasures tucked inside, or for teachers we have admired, or attached to a wine bottle as a host gift, or as part of the wrapping decadence around a larger gift.

Some will include spring gate rings so my recipients can clip their little purse to their key chains and carry it everywhere to catch those stray coins, that one dollar left over. Here is a gallery of some of the designs in my own Noni Patterns catalogue. Click on the image and it will take you right to the pattern page.

To make your gift knitting as fun (and economical) as possible, and, special for the holidays, I have put together special Bonus Packs of purse frames and chains so you can get a pile of frames for the best price. In other words, the more you buy, the better the price. Buy 20 of one frame, for example, and they are 45% off.

It’s time to STOCK UP!

And, for a limited time (from now until Tuesday, December 7th at 5pm), you can download the On The Go purses pattern for free – that’s three free purse patters in one download!

On The Go Purses

Please share this post with your knitting friends on social media and through email.

I’ve got all the frames and chains you need for all these purses at the Noni online store.

For holiday shopping and gift-making I have some special deals! The Flirt Frame, Classic Frame, Elegant Frame, and Arc Frame, the frames you see used in the purses above, now are available in multi-packs.

The more you buy, the more you save!

Buy 3 of a frame and get 15% off, 5 frames are 25% off, 10 frames are 35% off, and 20 frames (not available in all sizes because of limited quantities) are an amazing 45% off!

Also available at these bulk discount prices are two purse frames that are excellent for use with your home-made fabric, needlepoint, felted, or knitted purses: the brand new Renaissance and Rococo Frames.

Renaissance Frame

The Renaissance Purse Chain and antique brass bag feet pair beautifully with both frames.

The Rococo frame is lovely with either antique brass or gunmetal bag feet and chains as it has a smoky patina that has elements of both finishes.

Shop The Noni Store Now.

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