If You Love Noni, You Must Read This

100_Books_home_imgA page is turning in my life and I have decided to close Noni Designs (for the most part-I will still design and add new pdfs to my website) to follow a strong pull toward new and exciting opportunities. I plan to return to school for another advanced degree, spend more time writing, possibly on the knitting project people have asked for for a long time: new bags and flowers all in one book – I am working on the book proposal right now! I have other books in me, too.

New-Chapter-in-my-lifeI plan to spend more time having adventures with my son, Soma.

My son enjoying the ice cream left on the dasher after making ice cream the old way with my father.

My son enjoying the ice cream left on the dasher after making ice cream the old way with my father.

I am excited about these new paths and where they will take me.

My-path-to-somewhereNevertheless, I will miss Noni and all of the wonderful and talented people I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting, teaching, working with: you, your stories, feed-back, projects, enthusiasm and support have made for an unforgettable 10 year chapter in my life.

I do have some great news for all of you: news I’d like you to share with as many knitters and bag-makers and bag-loves as you know: help me get the word ot that I will be selling many of my one-of-a-kind bags. This process may extend beyond the studio close date of January 31st. More on these small releases as we get closer to the first one and those following: it will be soon.

Delicious little bags . . . one could be yours

Delicious little bags . . . one could be yours

The other exciting news is that I will be designing a small fare-well collection that will include updates to some of my classics: look for my these exciting designs.

Possible_new_designs_2Possible-New-Bag-DesignsLOOK FOR MANY TASTY PROMOTIONS ON VARIOUS PRODUCTS EVERY WEEK STARTING THIS TUESDAY until the studio closes. Keep up-to-date on my latest activities, discounts, and special promotions via e-mail (make sure you sign up at the bottom left of my home page), Noni Designs Facebook page, blog postings, and Ravelry announcements in the groups associated with Noni. As inventory is sold, except for yarn and some essential products, it will not be replaced: In other words, shop early and often for patterns and kits containing everything you need to make those projects that have been on your mind for a time. Add them to your Noni queue.

Thank you for bringing me and my work into your creative life, and for making Noni such a wild, fun, beautiful, and rewarding journey for me.

It has been a great run. Help me make the last months of Noni just as wild and fun.

Thank you all. I've had so much fun!

Thank you all. I’ve had so much fun!

12 thoughts on “If You Love Noni, You Must Read This

  1. Thank you for years of amazing patterns going to miss finally having something cool to knit but hope your new path is as rewarding as you deserve 🙂

  2. I am happy for you and Soma and really sad to see Noni go!!! I really enjoyed the work I got to do with you, and I’ll send you pics of anything else I manage to make into crochet because it is so fun with your patterns (and they’ll be OAK because I will share with no one, only that the best of the best, Noni, designed it). I better get on the stick and get the ones I’ve been putting off! I will certainly miss it and I hope you keep us updated on your wonderful new adventures!

  3. Thank you Nora for all your Beautuiful designs. For all your help. And for helping me in my later years craft beautiful bags. I will be one of many waiting for your next book, the first one is my flower bible, and any other designs coming my way. Our children grow up so fast enjoy your special time with each other. I was a working mom and missed a lot…regards, andrea

  4. I am so honored to have attended one of your small classes and experience your creative spirit…I have made several of your bags and will wait in line for your book…

  5. The knitting world will be a little poorer without your bag innovations.

    Good luck in your new life, and enjoy the path that life takes you on.

  6. Nora,
    I am so glad that you are following your heart with this decision. I will miss your wonderful son and your smile at Md S&W if you do not vend there. I shall be making a list of the patterns and ordering soon. May you journey into the new path be full of wonder and happiness!

  7. I wish you the best in everything – as a writer, I can tell you that there is such joy in writing and combining what you do, as a creative craft artist, with sharing this through writing, is such a brilliant idea.
    I’ve loved making your bags and want to order some more….just can’t choose!!!!,

  8. My dearest Noni,

    Everyday you succeed to inspire me and touch my heart with every strand of yarn you weave into your mystical creations. I long to one day sit in the garden with you and watch the hummingbirds fight over the feeder while you and Soma make ice cream and pick NOT WHITE but PINK flowers and stems off the siDE OF THE ROAD. The way your hair curls just like your twin sisters and your long sweaters reach your ankles, man oh man, do I love you.

    Your biggest fans,
    Sarah and Joanne.

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