Monday post on Tuesday: Making Plans

I’ve been getting ready for the big knitting industry trade show. . . it’s been keeping me very busy, and when I’m not in the studio working on new designs, I’m at home trying not to. I watched my son graduate from Kindergarten. . . and felt my heart swell with pride at his poise and bearing. He was so delighted to wear his cap and gown and his fancy clothes underneath. The first big rite of passage! In the Fall a new school and first grade.

You might have guessed that I’ve been gardening. . . but I’ll post more about that later.

And visiting my friend Gwen Handler’s Farm.  Here are a few pictures I took there (visit the Nora Bellows Facebook page for the whole album):

But I’ve also been making BLOG PLANS! I’ve even advance written some things for posting while I’m at TNNA.

Monday will remain my day to write about what I will. Some of you wrote lovely responses to my post about the garden, so I will do more of that, and I will tell you about the Yellow Foxglove and the Stephanotis, and other things that cross my mind.

Wednesday: Talking Across the Fish Pond. . . Amanda/Moo2Moo and I have started to write letters to one another . . . and it’s so much fun getting to know her, I thought you might be interested to listen in. I’ll share our back and forth on Wednesdays.

Fridays are now a Noni Q&A. If you find yourself knitting something in Noni Flowers, have a bag finishing question, a felting question, or any other noni-related question, send it along either to my studio e-mail ( or put it in the comments. I will answer questions with pictures, text explanations, and maybe even one of the highly polished and spectacularly produced videos you have come to expect from me.

No question is too basic . . . I promise. The goal here is to clarify something, trouble-shoot, offer advice, inspiration, and other exclusive content that one just cannot fit into 2 – 3 pattern pages.

Remember that the best questions are specific. Here’s a sample question: I am working on the Blah Blah flower and every time I transfer the stitches to holders, and move on to the next step, I realize that somehow the center of the flower (on holders) ends up sticking out of the side of the flower. . . (picture of said mutant should be included). I am obviously doing the same odd thing each time. . . can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

You can start asking your questions today in response to this post. This will give me some time to prepare for the Friday blog. Bring it on!

3 thoughts on “Monday post on Tuesday: Making Plans

  1. NORA! I could eat him up! That picture of Soma is too precious, Congratulations to you all on his Graduation!

    Jenn xoxo

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