No. 4 Fuchsia Advice

I am late in posting this week’s installment, I know. I was teaching all weekend and got completely confused about the days. Took a day off and took my little guy to the park . . . It was wonderful.

But let’s to the task at hand! You are busily making fuchsia stems or you have made them all.  Now follow the pattern as written to complete the fuchsias.  I won’t interfere with any of that.

Some advice for finishing fuchsias.

1. Trust me when I say to tack the inner petals to one another. . . they look more beautiful and real if they are tacked together as suggested.

2. Wire the outer petals with 28 gauge wire. Even 30 gauge wire would do nicely. But I think that 26 gauge is too heavy for Silk Cloud. If you are working with heavier weight yarn, then you can work with a 26 gauge wire.

Here is a picture of a single fuchsia that has been half wired.

I think you can see which petals looks better!  Don’t worry about the wire making the wearing of the wrap into a pointy affair. It is so light weight that it will bend easily. You may find yourself re-shaping the petals now and agian.

Follow the instructions for wiring that you find in the Noni Flowers book.  Begin the wiring process in the stem. See this photograph for the idea:

3. For the best look of pistil and stamens, tie tiny knots in the strand of yarn that represent these parts of the flower. For this purpose, make pistil and stamens about twice as long as called for so you will have room to tie knots. Once knots are tied, then dot with fabric glue, let dry and then cut. Follow the stamen instructions in the book for best results.

Your Homework:

For next week, please finish your fuchsias. I will discuss the business of sewing them to your wrap in my next post.

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