Like the Book, Write a Review . . . and you could win . . .

For all you Noni & Noni Flowers book fans, I’ve got a special opportunity for you!

I have been working on annotating 2 copies of my book, adding notes about the different plants, the photographs, things that didn’t make it into the book, or that didn’t fit in the book, some secrets. . . confessions of a passionate gardener-knitter you might say.

Here’s an example: The fabulous curved tulip leaf in the photograph that graces the cover of the book was from my own garden. We were photographing many of the flowers in Springtime almost exactly a year ago. On photoshoot mornings, I scoured the garden for foliage I could use in the photographs–sometimes I was digging under snow!. The foliage for the Clematis was carefully wrested from an icy patch on the morning of one shoot.

The Chicory stems I collected on the side of the road–I had passed the flowers looking for good stems, each one better than the last . . .

I had to turn around and go back, pulling off onto the shoulder.

That morning was hot, I remember, even so early. The stems are very tough and I couldn’t break them with my hands. I had to use my car keys. . .


I am going to give these two special books away. . . here is how you make yourself eligible to win one of them!

Write a detailed, review that helps knitters and/or gardeners understand why you like the book, and why the reader will want to purchase the book. Post it on the the Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble websites.

It’s that simple.

1 book will be given to an Amazon review. 1 book will be given to a Barnes & Noble review. If, by some crazy fluke, the same name is drawn for both books, I will draw again until we have two different winners.

If you’d like your review do a bit more good for Noni Flowers, you can:

  • LIKE the book on the Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble websites
  • Post a link to the review on your Facebook page and Tag Noni Designs

4 thoughts on “Like the Book, Write a Review . . . and you could win . . .

  1. I wonder whether anyone else has the problem I have: I love to make flowers, but often the skeins of yarn are so big that I have a lot of leftover yarn. I live on a cruising sailboat (currently in New Zealand) and don’t have room to keep much stash.

    I was thinking that it would be wonderful to be able to order just the right amount (and colors) of yarn to make a reasonable number of specific flowers in your new book. I don’t have the book yet (I can’t wait until our next visit to the US where it will be waiting for me!), but know from experience with earlier flowers that it’s difficult not to wind up with (shh!) more _stash_.

    I’m sure that in the US I could find knitters who might want to “go in” with me on yarns, but for those of us who can’t do that and don’t want to grow the stash, being able to order specific flower kits would be great–and they could also be waiting for me when I visit the US


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