Bag No. 4

This is the bag on the drawing board right now. . .

It will have 3 sizes. See the icy palette below. Each size will contain some black.

And the bags will be decorated with French Anemones.

Here is my sketch.

The top will be structured with a hex frame, the bottom with stiffener and no less than 6 bag feet, maybe more. She will have a black leather handle. Nickel findings.

She is elegant but also practical.

Who is she?

7 thoughts on “Bag No. 4

  1. What could be more apt than naming a bag bedecked in windflowers (from anemos the Greek for wind) Scarlett after the heroine of Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer winning classic Gone With the Wind. For the wind which blows these delicate blossoms open all too quickly blows them away.

    The icey colours of this palette mirror the ice in Scarlett’s heart as she marries and quickly buries a succession of men whom she does not love. Realising only too late that home is truly where the heart is.

  2. This is the bag Scout might have carried in her adulthood, as she looked back and narrated the story of her youth. As a child, she never would have carried a purse, choosing instead to squirrel things away in trees and overall pockets. Eventually, every girl needs a bag and this one speaks to the harder edges and practical worldview acquired after she shed her childhood innocence. The combination of black accents and ice cream colors would have been as fashion-forward in her young adulthood as they are in a retro-modern sense now. Scout would appreciate the French anemones, bending in the wind as they do, to remind her of a more carefree time and a southern childhood, barefoot in the garden.

  3. Candy ( Candy White Ardlay)

    Candy Candy is a love story, which starts when Candice “Candy” White (later Candice “Candy” White Ardlay) is six years old and living in an orphanage (Pony’s Home) near Lake Michigan. The story follows her as she deals with drama and heartache while growing up; at the end of the story, Candy is a former nurse during the World War I era. During the series, Candy had two love interests: Anthony Brown (who is killed after falling off his horse during a fox hunt) and Terruce “Terry” Grantchester. There was the “Prince of the Hill,” a man she met as a young girl on Pony’s Hill (and both of Candy’s love interests had a physical resemblance to the “Prince of the Hill”). The identity of the “Prince of the Hill” was a mystery that wasn’t solved until the end of the series.


    I think we all have a little bit of Her ( Candy) in all of us. She is an orphan but not alone, she is a girl rich on adventure, friendship, and love.

    Imagine yourselves walking with Candy on your shoulders, expressing the inner girl, the lives in us. The no matter how busy our lives can be, or how we confront our obstacles in life, we always have time for adventures, true love and true friendship. Candy always will remind you, the we can be girls with big dreams. And those icy colors that she was created with those beautifuls French anemones will make us feel loved, respect, and honor for who we are and created in this world! French anemones are delicate flowers as We are individually !

    So when you carry “Candy” around your shoulders be yourself!

  4. The first glimpse made me think of Audrey Hepburn, so I have two suggestions based on that. The first is Holly, for her character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She was the epitome of sophistication and that is what I see in the shape of this bag. The fact that there will be some black reminds me of the iconic black dress she wears in that film. The other thought is Eliza after her character in My Fair Lady. The french anemones harken back to her beginning as a flower seller, and the soft color palate reminds me of the colors of spring flowers. Eliza became quite the sophisticated lady and I see that in this bag.

  5. I love this bag and would call it Jackie. It looks like something Jackie Kennedy would use. I have your newest book on pre-order and I am anxiously waiting to get it. If I get down to Savage Mill, I hope I will catch you in to get it autographed.

  6. I didn’t see the previous post so I didn’t know it was a contest. I would name Bag 4. Melanie, from Gone With The Wind. The colors are soft and would match her well. She was not as forceful as Scarlett, but she was still strong. It is classic as she was. Melanie is one of those characters who can surprise you.

  7. Josephine!
    Josephine March, better known as Jo, is an independent, clever and self-confident tomboy. She loves literature, both reading and writing it. While pursuing her literary career in New York City, she meets and falls in love with a German Professor who opens up her world by introducing her to such things as opera and philosophy. As a result, Jo begins to discover her feminine side. This bag is what she would carry around the streets of New York while shopping her latest manuscript. She would appreciate the structure and simplicity of the design, and its practicality. The vivacious and jolly side of her personality would find the icy palette hard to resist. And it doesn’t hurt that stylish little sister Amy would surely approve of this beauty of a bag!

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