Bag No. 3

This pattern will contain 2 sizes and I do believe they might be able to nest, the smaller in the larger (how cool!). I will let you know once they are felted. The palette is delicious: one darker and one lighter tone in the same color. It will be a surprise which size is in pink and which orange.

Here is my sketch.

You’ve seen these frames before: check out Vintage bag  and Bowling Ball Bag for both sizes.

The hardware combination is going to be stunning!

A chain will grace the smaller bag, allowing you to carry her as a handbag and also as a shoulder bag. The larger frame arc is tall enough to put over your shoulder.

The bottom of the bag will be structured with bag feet available in nickel, gunmetal, and antique brass, the same finishes as the frames. You can add sparkle or not as you prefer, but you will definitely want to use either a turnlock or fancy snap to close the frame, deeply curved to match the arch of the frame

Pick one name for both, or allow them both personalities. . . might they be sisters? A mother/daughter pair? Devoted friends? Traveling companions?

I will be on tenter hooks to see what you come up with!

8 thoughts on “Bag No. 3

  1. Bags as brightly coloured as candy deserve to be named after the mythical chocolatier Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk. For they too were weavers of magic, capable of transforming a few simple every day items into mouth-watering works of art.

    Anouk is small and playful, teaming with vibrant energy whilst Vianne is more refined, inspiring confidence and gaining many admirers whilst all around fall under her captivating spell.

    (Joanne Harris, Chocolat)

  2. Celie and Shug. Brought together and bound together in recovery from separate personal trials, in a story rich with subjects considered taboo, these two ladies emerge bright, bold and beautiful in the end. Shug’s more tawdry and forward personality does not hide her heart of gold, and her care for Celie helps bring the younger into her own. Celie begins as a passive soul. With Shug’s help and love she becomes a powerful example of independence and fortitude, channeling the womanly art of sewing and design to assert her own feelings and determine her own destiny. Their relationship defies social conventions but together they are a beautiful example of the strength and power of female friendship.

  3. Hermia and Helena from a Midsummer’s Night Dream (since these are spring/summer bags). Hermia and Helena are best friend’s almost torn apart due to men and a misunderstanding by Hermia thinking the men do not love her because of her short stature. The misunderstanding resolved and love is restored to all parties.

  4. I am going to try this again as my first time commenting seemed to disappear!

    Hermia and Helena from a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream (since the bags will be released spring/summer). Hermia and Helena are dear friends until love/jealousy threatens to tear their friendship apart. Hermia believes that due to her short stature (smaller purse) men are not falling in love with her and she blames her friend Helena. Misunderstandings are resolved and each girl has the man that she wants loving her. Friendship and love are restored.

  5. Laura and Mary Ingalls !
    Do you remember who I’m speaking about…
    The Litttle House in the Praire” …..The story, very briefly, is about Laura and her family as they travel by covered wagon into new territory. Once they arrive, they try to make this land their new home. There is the house to build, the barn to build, the well to dig, the neighbors to meet, the fields to explore, etc. ( written by Laura Ingalls Wilder)
    Laura and Mary were two young girls who were in many adventures togethers as a sisters.
    I can see these bags traveling together and be your best companions , and be the best accessory for any occasion with your outfit, either with Laura or Mary !

  6. Marianne and Elinor, after Marianne and Elinor Dashwood, the protagonists of Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility”. Marianne is the romantically inclined and eagerly expressive younger sister. She would adore the smaller of these two bags. With her spontaneous and romantic nature, this bag would be just the right size to carry the essentials as she runs off to her next adventure. Older sister Elinor is more sensible and reserved. She would carry the larger of the bags. Her practical side would appreciate the size and structure, and she would pack her bag thoughtfully, ready for any obstacle that she may come across!

  7. Clarissa and Elizabeth, the mother daughter duo in the novel “Mrs. Dalloway”, by Virginia Woolf. Clarissa is preparing for a party where her purse accompanied her back and fourth through time as she prepares to be the perfect hostess. The timeless design of Clarissa proves to be ageless, yet practical. Elizabeth, who aspires to be a professional desires the the smaller dainty purse. Both enjoy the spring blooms of the London gardens. The sweet colors of Clarissa and Elizabeth add a tasteful accent to any occasion.

  8. Anne (with an E) and Diana
    Lucy Maude Montgomery brought us the wonderful stories of Anne of Green Gables. Anne and Diana were”kindred spirits” which these bags nestled together would be. The colours of the bags would greatly represent the colourful personalities and mishaps of these bosom buddies. The larger of these bags would represent Anne who had the greater imagination of the two

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