Bag No. 2

This diminutive bag is very structured. She is rather understated in a palette of greys with sparkles in abundance toward her base as though she were dipped in stars.

She is the perfect evening bag. . . and she might not come out to play until this Fall. I have not decided yet.

She’s looking for a lovely namesake. . . who will appreciate her.

All of these bags will be available as full kits as pictured or as custom kits as soon as they are released.  .  . stay tuned for updates about where to get them first!

9 thoughts on “Bag No. 2

  1. Sweet. I have a heroine in mind. I’m just waiting for the right bag to speak to me. That number I saw today-ice cream colors punctuated with black might be the one-but I’m not sure. Gotta wait for the other posts!

  2. This bag looks like it should be adorning the arm of Audrey Hepburn as she steps off the set of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, captivating all around her. In fact as name associations go she wouldn’t look out of place in the window of Tiffany & Co. jewellers either. She combines timeless understated elegance with sophistication and a hint of je ne sais quoi .

    Unfortunately Truman Capote named his heroine Holly Golightly which doesn’t suit this bag in the slightest. Tis back to the drawing board for me.

  3. This reminds me of stargazing in winter and so I name her Eleanor, a little piece of heaven in your hand, after the fictional astronomer Dr Eleanor Arroway (Contact, Carl Sagan).

    Glancing at Eleanor across a room is akin to gazing at a night sky filled with an endless array of stars, a glimpse of celestial glory. A sight both breathtaking and majestic in its beauty and yet one which many overlook and take for granted. Astronomers, devote their lives to studying the night skies in the hopes of discovering the many worlds beyond our own. They view the ever changing panorama in consummate awe of its timeless beauty. Their devotion and dedication allows the rest of the world to experience sights that occur once in a lifetime, sights such as Halley’s Comet and the Aurora Borealis and now (rather cheesily) Eleanor the bag, Nora Bellows latest and undoubtably greatest creation to date.

  4. Heidi!
    Heidi is an orphaned girl initially raised by her aunt Dete in Mayenfeld, Switzerland.
    So she brings Heidi to her grandfather, a queer old man living in an alpine cottage far from the next village (he is therefore called Alm-Uncle, Alpöhi or Almöhi in German). Alm-Uncle is good-hearted but mistrusts anybody and wants to keep the child from all evils of the world. So he refuses to send Heidi to school; instead she goes to the pastures, together with Peter, a shepherd boy looking after the goats (Geissenpeter = goat-Peter in German).
    Thanks to the grandmother of Clara, Heidi learns to read but she can’t get acquainted to the strict discipline in a bourgeois upper class house (personified by governess Fraulein Rottenmeier). She is very lonesome and gets depressed by the gray anonymous city.
    Next summer, Clara visits Heidi there. They go to the pastures and Heidi shows Clara all the beauty of her world.

    Heidi, seems to be loved as child of nature, a symbol of romanticism and lost innocence.
    I can see Heidi walking by the metropolitan city, walking and portraying herself as innocent romantic girl, with a big heart, caring for others even in the most simple ways, enjoying learning new adventures, be loved by everyone who is in touch with her, showing her inner and external beauty of how she was created!
    Heidi…will inspired Romance and Innocence to every girl who will carry her!

  5. Eliza is an exercise in patience. She is going to take a little longer than the rest, but will be worth the wait. The gray material that is her foundation belies the jewel of a design underneath. Her mentor will add some sparkle and refinement and the end result is quite ladylike, but don’t be fooled. When she emerges she will not only be perfectly suited for tea with the duchess, but also for late night dancing in a London nightclub.

  6. Triangulum – a constellation seen in December, shaped in a triangle, like your purse. The large bag could be Triangulum Major; the small bag Triangulum Minor.

  7. Beautiful, intellectual, fashionable — the epitome of Paris society, circa 1640 — Roxanne is the muse of the poet Cyrano de Bergerac. Her heart is captured not by physical beauty but by poetry (though she is deceived as to authorship). She breaks through enemy lines to comfort her beloved on the battlefield; even living as his widow she sparkles in the poetry of Cyrano.

  8. This bag seductively whispers “Call me Ava…”
    A quote from an interview with Ava,
    “I made it as a star dressed, and if it ain`t dressed, I don`t want it.”

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