Bag No. 1

The color palette I have chosen is black.  I will make two samples: one will be made in black beaded silk. The other sample will be black wool (felted) with clear sparkles.

The bag will have 4 bag feet in the same finish as the frame: antique silver.

The hardware is exquisite. . .

Here is a peek at my sketch.

And here is a hint of the beautiful frame with a matching chain attached.

The bag is in the 6 – 7″ wide where it meets the frame and about 7″ tall from bottom to frame.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

16 thoughts on “Bag No. 1

  1. The shape actually makes the bag look like one of those black cast-iron pots that was used to make lye soap or cook down lard/cracklings way back when. I grew up calling them witch’s brew pots.

    Nice sketch—I love it and the handle! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • Just a reminder, ladies, that you must tell the story of your character in order to be eligible to win. Please see my post about the contest for the rules.

  2. Not thinking twice, I would love this bag to be named, MAGGIE. Better known as, Maggie the Cat, from the Pulitzer prize winner Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, by Tennessee Williams.
    Maggie, who married into a wealthy Southern family, is determined and beautiful. She is mysterious, has an old soul in a sleek body, and always lands on her feet. The Maggie bag, encompasses these characteristics. Although Maggie has had many obstacles in her life, her simple beauty preservers. The Maggie bag, like Maggie the Cat, can withstand the rules complicated by social conduct and society. She may not speak, but her presence is known.

  3. There are few things more beautiful in nature than a frost covered spider web glittering in the early morning sun or that same web a few short hours later when the frost has turned to droplets of moisture which glitter like diamonds only to change again and again in appearance throughout the day and into the night. The sheer simplicity of this remarkable creation is emulated in Charlotte, namesake of literatures best loved spider (E. B. White, Charlotte’s Web) whose talents extended so far as to safeguard the future of a small unassuming pig named Wilbur. Whilst this bag won’t safeguard pigs it will conceal all manner of valuables.

  4. It’s funny that you would come up with this at this time of year. I would name it Anna but for a different story. My grandmother Anna (of blessed memory) died several years ago yesterday and she loved purses as much as I did. She had so much style and she had a purse much like this one, black velvet with sparkles that I used to play with as a little girl. I am not sure where it went but whenever I see something like this I smile and think of Grandma!!! As I prepare for the Passover holiday with my family, you have brought grandma into the kitchen with me! THANKS NORA!!! See you soon in Sarasota. SUSAN

  5. Bubbles my mother’s nickname for her bubbly personality. She was always dressed to the nines and had all these beaded handbags which she told me she made by hand. There were two black and one bronze three different shapes. They were so beautiful, ladylike, feminine and handmade. I actually still have 2 of them. My mom was a classy lady, ahead of her time nd always dressed in the fashion of the day. Thanks for letting me share this story of a special lady.

  6. Christine! ( Christine Daae)

    The Phantom of the Opera is a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, with lyrics by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe. Based upon Gaston Leroux’s gothic novel, Phantom holds the record as the longest running musical on Broadway. For over twenty years, Webber’s masked musical has wowed audiences with its over 9000 performances on the West End, not to mention the countless touring companies that have spread Phantom-mania throughout the world.

    Christine Daae: Naive, but sympathetic and courageous in her own right. Is willing to do anything for the people she loves. Is in love with Raoul, and terrified by Erik (though she pities him immensely, and is eventually the cause of his redemption.
    Here is how I will describe her:
    Angel Of Music
    Where in the world have you been hiding?
    Really, you were perfect
    I only wish I knew your secret
    Who is this new tutor? ( Nora)

    Father once spoke of an Angel
    I used to dream he’d appear
    Now as I sing I can sense him
    And I know she’s here

    Here in this room, she calls me softly
    Somewhere inside, hiding
    Somehow I know she’s always with me
    She the unseen genius

    Christine, you must have been dreaming
    Stories like this can’t come true
    Christine, you’re talking in riddles
    And it’s not like you

    Angel of music, guide and guardian
    Grant to me your glory
    Angel of music, hide no longer
    Secret and strange Angel
    ~ I will love to carry Christine everywhere I go !

  7. Mrs. de Winter. We don’t know her first name, which makes her decidedly mysterious. Or perhaps insecure? No, impossible, with such a lovely frame.
    She’s the perfect size to keep a big secret, (or two little ones). Somehow she crosses the boundaries of class distinctions and attracts attention of the highest sort. At home in the casinos of Monte Carlo, or in an English manse, she is just as likely to be found at a bonfire or on a stroll along the shoreline. For what? The bag won’t tell.

  8. Hermione

    She will bring forth the true inner beauty of all who possess her and all who have the courage to venture into new territory with her by their side… For just like Hermione, she portrays grace and beauty, an ability to stand on her own; the true accompaniment to intelligence, the envy of the ball…

    “It was Hermione. But it didn’t look like Hermione at all. …and she was holding herself differently, somehow…She was also smiling–rather nervously, it was true…Harry couldn’t understand how he hadn’t spotted it before.” Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hermione at the Yule Ball.

  9. I can see Audrey Hepburn (Sabrina) holding this bag when William Holden (David) first lays eyes on her when she returns from Paris in the movie Sabrina. This bag is Sabrina…..Simple elegance. I just love the movie and Ms. Hepburn.

  10. Scarlett
    This bag is exactly the type of gift that Rhett, the dashing blockade runner, would have brought back from Paris as a gift for Scarlett! Of course, it had to be black because she was still in mourning. The fine beaded silk, and antiqued silver frame would have been quite a treasure to Scarlett during the lean times of Civil War Atlanta. A fan of the finer things, Scarlett would walk proudly carrying this bag, not letting mourning or war stop her from having beautiful things.

  11. I love the Scarlett story!! I would love to see this bag in a beautiful shade of scarlett red with sparkles! It would be absolutely gorgeous!!

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