Week 9: Looking Ahead and Catching Up Because the Skirt Takes a Long Time

This is another catch-up week as you continue, perhaps, to work on the skirt. I have heard from a lot of folks who are at various stages of done-ness. . .

If you are itching to move on to the skirt ruffle,  you may certainly do so. The options are as they have been before.  .  .  If you have chosen a particular finish for your sleeve cuffs and neck, then you will probably want to employ the same technique for the skirt ruffle.

You might think about spicing things up just a tad by doing the last row and the bind off row in a slightly different color to catch the eye and shake up expectations.

For the skirt ruffle above (a conventional ruffle), I just did the bind off row in a very similar slightly more orange color that was dazzling next to the hot pink that precedes it.

Preview of the Rest of the Ella Coat Knit-A-Long:

I think some folks are just steaming ahead if they are working faster than others. Those of us who spend all day in an office (not knitting . . . ) are going a little slower than the folks who have more time to knit. I’ve even had people write to me that they have finished their coats! While I admire your speed. . . you are missing all my remaining tweaks!

So, here is a plea to stay with us. Because here is what is coming up:

After the skirt ruffle (which I will detail next week, week 10), we will return to the plackets (week 11). I have a tweak for them so that the ruffled plackets meet the ruffle at the hem and at the neck for a seamless, looks-like-you-did-it-all-at-once, appearance.

Decorations (week 12): All of your Ellas are unique, but what will make them even more stunning and fabulous, more firmly rooted in the world of art-piece, is the special finishing and decoration you do after your Ella is done.

I know some folks are working on poppy cowls so you are familiar, perhaps, with the Oriental Poppy flower . . . here is what I am working on for my long red Ella. I am picking up stitches (on the wrong side) just above the sleeve cuff ruffle so that you will not be able to see the stitches. I am picking up in the sleeve color at that point. Then I will make poppy petals around the cuffs, right side of the petals facing up, complete with dark splodge in the middle and picot bind off ruffle. Lots of work but I think the result will be nothing less than stunning. I’ve mocked it up here (just below) to see what I think (and you think). . . still in love with it, I have to say.

I’ve added a decoration to the back of my Pewter colored Ella Coat to take up just a tad extra width and add some drama:

Sitting around the table and sharing ideas becomes particularly inspiring at this point. I would like to try to do some of that here. Think of the comments in the Rav forum and the comments below this post as a table we are all sitting around.

Post in the comments here, and post in the Rav forum (I’ve just created a thread) with your ideas, musings, pictures of what you might already have done. Pictures from me later as I execute what are as yet ideas.

I will, for blog postings other than Monday, start talking about the process I went through in writing Noni Flowers at the same time that I share some photographs of my own garden in Springtime.


More KALs Coming After Ella

After the book comes out, we will start working through, KAL-style, all of the projects in the book, so stay tuned for that deliciousness! We will start with that fabulous gossamer wrap with fuchsias dripping from the edges that you see in the opening images on the website. I’ll have kits in lovely colorways available for purchase. . .

AND, I’ve got some more tricks up my sleeve for projects that will compliment Ella nicely . . . More about this on Tuesday (tomorrow), so come back and read the post.

4 thoughts on “Week 9: Looking Ahead and Catching Up Because the Skirt Takes a Long Time

  1. Nora, definitive I’m waiting for week10, I don’t want to miss anything from your tips.
    I’m coming back tomorrow for your tricks!

    I ordered my book also.

  2. So in reading the blog it sounds like there aren’t going to be any special tweaks for the bottom ruffle. I may get some time to work on the ruffle this week because we are going on a road trip but I don’t want to move forward if there are going to be any additional tweaks. I am getting so excited for the finished product!

    • Hi Jill,
      Not in the sense of new information that you don’t already have. But yes in the sense that the ruffle I am recommending is the picot ruffle I have already divulged. I know not everyone has chosen that ruffle, so I advise folks to use the ruffle on the bottom that they have or will chose to do everywhere else.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that decorative buckle above in the back of the Grey Heathered Ella!!!! It is beautiful, so wish I could afford that one!!!!
    Robin Horaist

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