Week 8: The Skirt is Long . . . Weave In Ends as You Go

As you work on the skirt, you will be thinking about length.  .  . Perhaps you have already decided how long to make the skirt so it’s just a matter of trying it on now and again. You will stop when it is just shy of the right length.

I will leave you to all that decision making . . .

This is a plea to weave in ends as you go. I am a confessed leave it all to the end person myself. I come from that perspective. I get all caught up in the knitting and I don’t want to weave in ends or block or do much of anything else (even water the flowers) until the project is done. Then I return to myself and notice the plants drooping in their pots, weave in ends for days, literally days.

I have been working on a new Ella as some of you might know, inspired by the ski hat my son recently requested.

This Ella has even more ends than the last one as I have been changing colors with greater frequency.

My Medallion Travel Bag is full to bursting with balls of yarn. . .

This means lots of ends to contend with.

I have, in light of the suffering before me, decided to suffer as I go. I have gotten out my large-eyed sharp darning needle and my thread nippers and spend some time at the end of each knitting session to weave in the ends produced since the last time I sat down to knit.

I’ve talked before about my technique: I weave straight back from the edge along the same color field, piercing the fibers in that field in much the same way a little mole tunnels just under the surface. My needle is that little mole. . . I think it creates a better “stick.”

When I join a new color at the edge, I tie the new end with the old one in a square knot (stays but better than the granny knot my own granny would not have used as she, too, preferred the square knot). Then I weave in the ends like color with like. I read once that Barbara Walker was not shy about starting with a new strand of yarn in the middle of the row. I have to admit I am of the same mind. If I must use a new ball of yarn in the middle of a row, or get it in my mind to switch colors mid-row, I just start working with the new strand, tie the ends together in a square knot, and weave in the ends going in opposite directions each color with its like color field. I weave in about an inch of the end before cutting off just about 1/16th of an inch from the fabric as you can see just above.

We are thinking ahead to decorating finished Ellas in our Wednesday Ravelry live chat. Join us between 9 and 10 pm EST!

16 thoughts on “Week 8: The Skirt is Long . . . Weave In Ends as You Go

  1. The hat is so beautiful, and Soma so cute! He has growing a lot!

    I’m done with my skirt! Yeah! And it’s blocked already. Now I’m working on some flowers to decorate it! And re start the gauntlets also.


    • I’m on a bit of a tear with this bright knitting, happy colors. I am lucky to have a boy who loves colors. He’s made more requests (I’m in knitting heaven!) for arm warmers–he saw my gauntlets and thought they were the coolest, for a fun zip-up vest, and for a skiing neck warmer. It will be knitted all crazy fun colors on one side and polar fleece on the other. I know I’ve got some polar fleece around here. . . gotta find it to try out an idea I have . . .

      • There is nothing better to a knitting mommy than a knitting request from her kids! Soma knows he has a special Mom with crazy knitting skills. : )

      • I so love when my kids ask me to make them stuff! They wear it so proudly. It totally justifies knitting rather than cleaning my house!! My youngest boy wore a pair of socks I made for his older sister today and he said to my mom (his grandmother) your daughter made these for me!! So cute!!! Just wish I had more time to knit and keep up with their requests!

  2. Each new version of Ella is amazingly, astonishingly…..
    MORE BEAUTIFUL….how can that be?
    You & ELLA are both extraordinary!

    Thank you for sharing with us all!

  3. It is always so much fun to see Soma as the Super Model! And the hat looks perfect for him. Great job…and I love all the pictures for the blog!

  4. I love your designs ideas. I am enjoying the design, fitting and even the knitting process of this project more than anything I have ever done. You make it seem so simple. Unfortunately, will have to stop knitting for a few days thanks to wrist pain…… SAD… but will catch up this weekend. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING. HOPE TO MEET YOU IN SARASOTA NEXT MONTH

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