Perfectly Simple Gauntlets Mini Knit-a-Long PART 1

I have been at work getting the Perfectly Simple Gauntlets read for you. These little, easy-to-make gauntlets will go perfectly with your Poppy Cowl. . . if you plan to make your gauntlets in Nora No. 7, 1 skein is all you will need.

Because the gauntlets are quite small and fast to knit, you will be finished in no time. . . but your assignment is to finish at least one glove but do not graft it together. I will be talking about grafting on Friday for the Oriental Poppy Cowl knit-a-long, so you will have the instructions you will need. . . but I’ve got plans and ideas and I want you to consider all your options before you commit. We will rendezvous next Wednesday for a session of ideas about finishing and decorating these little gloves . .  . that can take them from simple to quite extraordinary.

I love these little fingerless gloves because they don’t get in the way of your work (I wear them knitting and never get annoyed) and they are versatile. They can be super slouchy:

Or you can pull them almost to the elbow for extra warmth and drama.

I have plans to make multiple sets in different colors. I’m going to play with gauge, too. Made in Red Barn Yarn Worsted, they are structured and very warm. Because Shepherd’s Wool is a bit lighter weight with more drape, they can transition into Spring and they can be the first you get out of the cedar chest as we move from Summer to Fall.

You might wonder why I didn’t just cast on in knit, join, and work some number of rows, then some number in purl, etc. I thought about it. . .  A similar look can be achieved, BUT, because every woman is different, this would require multiple sizes and none would fit you perfectly. With my simple gauntlets, you determine the size of your gloves and the way knitting stretches means that the gloves stretch where you need them to stretch (across the palm and the widest part of your forearm) and get shrinky where you need it (the wrist) without short rows, increases, or decreases.

Next Wednesday, as we near the end of this little project, I’ll give you some ideas about how to personalize your own gauntlets with different finishing treatments, with floral or other decorations.

Gauntlet patterns are already up on Ravelry to download.

If you’d like a custom kit picked and packaged by me personally, complete with Nora No. 7 or a skein of Shepherd’s Wool in any one or several of their luscious colors, and a metal Noni label, let me know.

6 thoughts on “Perfectly Simple Gauntlets Mini Knit-a-Long PART 1

  1. Nora,
    Like always!….you are amazing how you bring to life the beauty of nature! I can see myself knitting these flowers and decorate my house with them.
    I’m in love with this book already…!

    Always your Fan #1 !

  2. Hi Nora! I need some help with the Gauntlets. I cast on 70 sts. In row 1 I’ve K8, then I repeated the sequence of [p8, k8] 3 times. I now have 14 sts left that I don’t know what to do with. If I was to repeat the whole sequence [K8, p8, k8] then I would need 72 sts for the cast on. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Can you help me out?

    • O golly, Donna, so mortifying to miss a math error in such a tiny pattern. I had made them smaller. . . they were 10 stitches per sequence, but I reduced to 8 . . . math didn’t keep up. Cast on number should be 56. That should work out better. Sent updates to pattern through Rav.

    • Hey Donna! You are our randomly selected Noni Designs Blog Reader! Email melissa{at}nonipatterns{dot}com with your address and you will receive an autographed pattern!

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