Mini Knit-A-Long Starts Next Week: Cowl & Gauntlets to Match Your Ella Coat

I thought I would give you a preview for what we will be making for the mini knit-a-long that starts February 10: an infinity cowl that you can decorate with poppies or the flower of your choice.

The cowl along with the poppies is available as a kit. . . Here’s a picture of the poppy cowls all lined up like party favors for a class I taught on the same. Get some friends together and have your own Poppy Cowl party as you knit-a-long with us!

The kit includes 2 skeins of the Noni-only hand-dyed yarn in the color Nora No. 7.  Catherine of Red Barn Yarn and I worked for a long time to achieve this color. It is a beautiful purpley-espresso color. So saturated and rich the color might leave evidence of itself on wooden needles–what romance. A fabulous color! I want an entire Ella coat in the color . . .

The kit also includes the paper pattern, all the yarn necessary to make the Oriental Poppies (including the stamens at the center of the poppy) and a metal Noni label to sew to your cowl. If you have a local yarn store that has been participating in the Ella Coat KAL, please let them know if you would like to purchase one of the kits. You may also purchase the kit directly from me if you do not have the support of your local yarn store. The suggested retail is $90 with free priority mail shipping anywhere in the USA for those who order from Noni.

For those just interested in the pattern, you may also find it at your participating LYS, but for those in rural areas or without a local yarn store, you may want to take advantage of the convenience of the pdf download now up on Ravelry.

We will start the mini knit-a-long with the cowl itself, then I’ll add some matching gauntlets as we go along. The gauntlets are beautiful and will be available for purchase separately as a tiny pattern on Ravelry–I will put a notice here and on FB when they go live. [A notice to Shops that wish to purchase the from me to offer to your Ella KALers are welcome to do so. But order in advance so I can have them to you by the time I announce them.]

After we make our cowl and gauntlet “canvases” (and learn some new techniques in the process) we will explore embellishment possibilities, as there are myriad. Everyone will be invited to show us your dazzling creations and this process in itself will be rife with ideas and inspiration.

Have fun picking out colors!

11 thoughts on “Mini Knit-A-Long Starts Next Week: Cowl & Gauntlets to Match Your Ella Coat

    • I do wholesale this kit. Contact me if you are a shop and are interested in carrying this product. I also have ideas for how to offer a class for your interested knitters.

  1. As if I needed more to knit–thanks for continuing to feed the obsession 😉
    I’ll be sending you a list of our shop needs soon…have found myself a bit behind on all fronts this week but am working to catch up and will be in touch soon! Love love love Nora No. 7. I think an Ella in it is a Super Fine idea.

    • You can contact me directly if you are interested. I am also working to make it possible to order the kit directly through Ravelry so will announce on FB when that link is live. Thank you for your interest! I can also sell the Nora No. 7 skeins separately so if you are interested in that option, let me know. My current supply is limited, so if you are interested in quite a number of skeins (to make an Ella coat, for example) I will need to get a batch dyed special for you and this will take just a little bit of time. You can contact me through ravelry or through any of the e-mails listed here on my own website.

  2. Still undecided if to buy the kit or just the pattern and used my stash…I have so much! ….but the kit colors are so tempted, to me! 😦

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