Ella Does New York!

Ella, Nora, and Melissa in New York City!

What could be better than going out walking with Ella for the first time in New York City?!

What Started it ALL!: The Ella Boots in NYC

I spent some time there weaving in ends, praying over her shorn places (checking glue repair, checking knot repairs). Had to borrow scissors from the hotel front desk

The walk through the lobby (and around town) was very gratifying I have to tell you!  Ella gets lots of attention!

Nora with Long Ella & Shameka with Short Ella

Especially in New York where I hear tell everyone wears black. . . but not us.

For more pictures, check out Shameka’s blog. . . we spent a day with her at Vogue Knitting Live. What a blast!

7 thoughts on “Ella Does New York!

  1. Stripe Ella will be well notice its in NYC! And what a way to be the center of attention! And I can’t imagine what it will be, if all of us will be wearing our Ella at the same time!

  2. Ella was out in all her glory… and Linda and I had a blast meeting with all of you! I can’t wait to pick out yarn and get started. You’ll be my first “knit along”… and look forward to all the fun!

    Thanks to all of you (and Ella) for spending the time with us! Please friend me at facebook to see my Noni Bag!

    Mindy Horowitz

    • What a terrific time it was meeting you guys! So excited to have such stellar new friends! Be sure to find Noni Designs Page on Facebook and “Like” us (as pages can’t “like” people, just other other pages. And we don’t want to miss you!

  3. Ella caused quite a stir at Vogue Knitting Live. It was a pleasure spending time with you and Melissa. I had so much fun, and I feel honored to make my own Ella. I hope you come back to New York sooner than later.

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