Guest Blog: An Overview of the Ella Reinvented KAL

Aloha! Melissa here with the pleasure of guest blogging for Nora as she is on vacation. Despite the opportunity of relaxing somewhere else she has not forgotten us! She is knitting away yet another Ella!

My purpose today is to answer a few questions regarding our Knit-A-Long (KAL). Many of you may have never done a KAL before. Don’t worry, you are in fine company! Nora herself has never done one. By the end of this blog I hope all of you feel empowered, excited and EAGER!

What is a KAL? How does it work?

A knit-a-long is simply a group of people knitting the same thing together over a period of time enjoying the process together. Our Ella Re-invented KAL will start on Jan. 16th casting on the first stitches together and end on April 16th. This project will consist of weekly “tasks” each knitter needs to complete in order to finish on time. When and where you knit during that week is up to you. Nora and I have collaborated ensure expectations are not overwhelming. Each Monday there will be posts of “What To Do this Week with Ella”.

What is unique about the Ella Re-Invented KAL?

Nora has tweaks to the original Ella Coat that will only be given here on The Noni Blog that include construction of Ella, fitting suggestions, and embellishment options! Be sure to subscribe to this blog to prevent missing anything.

There will be lots of interaction with YOU! Real live knitting groups, Ravelry forums and chats, Facebook, twitter, guest bloggers and GIVEAWAYS!

What should I be doing right now?

  • Get your pattern first! We strongly encourage you to support your Local Yarn Shoppe (LYS) with your purchases. If they don’t have it, ask them to get it! Let them hear how excited you are and they will want to join. If they can’t assist you let us know and we will direct you to a source.
  • Gather your knitting materials! {stitch holders, needles, etc.} 
  • Brainstorm on color choices! Don’t feel pressure to decide just yet. This week and next we will have color helps for you! There are several exclusive color pallets Nora designed for bloggers in NYC, Canada, London, Australia and Hawaii. Perhaps one of these will tickle your fancy!
  • Swatch if you have your yarn! MAKE SURE YOUR GAUGE IS CORRECT! {Putting on the “Nora Hat”: if you have any differences in your swatch gauge it WILL effect your knitting results!}
  • PLUG IN!!  We have a variety of ways to get involved.            

         Quick Checklist :

  1. Join your LYS! If they are not offering something ASK them.
  2. Start your own in person knitting group! Need help and suggestions? Contact me at melissa{at}nonipatterns{dot}com.
  3. Subscribe to this blog. Each week the updates are given here!
  4. “Like” Noni Designs on Facebook and then INTERACT with us! Comment on posts, like pictures, join in Events. YOU are ESSENTIAL!
  5. Join the Ravelry KAL Group:
  6. Attend the Chat Groups on Ravelry! {Our first is Dec. 28 9-10 pm EST}
  7. Follow us on twitter @NoniDesigns

{Little hints:}

Hold on knitters! Think of this as TEAM Knitting! If you start ahead of us not only will you miss out on important updates, but you may miss the benefit of community. **Remember: it is a Knit-A-Long not a Race**

Join in events and giveaways! We already have a fun contest going on right now! If you already have your Ella Pattern post a picture on our wall. Here is the Event Link   Join in and encourage others to do the same!

Thanks for letting me bring you up to speed! We are going to have a great time together!


12 thoughts on “Guest Blog: An Overview of the Ella Reinvented KAL

    • Yeah! What colors did you choose? We would be delighted to have a picture of you with your pattern and your yarn on our Facebook wall!

      • I’ve chosen grey for the body and the ruffle is a surprise (for me, too! 😉
        I’ll try to get a pic up on Facebook – I don’t use it very much. Too much social media, not enough hours!!

  1. My yarn just arrived today!!! I know the look I want and I’m hoping the colors I chose will work. I’m going with blackgreyplumpurplestorm pansypewterraspberry and hot pink for the POP. It sure looks in the box. :). So far, so good.

    • OOHHH! That sounds delightful! Feel free to post a picture on our Facebook Wall (and hold your Ella pattern up too!) The contest is going on for a few more days and if you win….you win amazing accent yarns that might be great to work in to your New Ella!
      I am so glad you are excited! It really is fun to have you along!

  2. Still working on a sub for Southern California! Part of me just wants to dig into my 220 stash, but I know I won’t get to wear it often. Need to swatch my Cotton Fleece…

  3. Counting the days to start this project, and still don’t know what color to use, I’m feel overwhelmed to many choices, but I think I need to knit many Ella ‘s coats to have all the colors the I love!

    • Dora,
      I agree you can’t make just one!
      But seriously, consider what you usually like to wear. What would compliment those colors? Or would you rather try something new? Go with colors that you are drawn to, but be realistic. If you look and feel terrific in pastels, doing bright neons might cause you to knit something you would never wear—and that is TRAGIC! Find a yarn you like, but a ball, swatch it, make sure you get gauge and then buy colors with confidence!
      ~Aloha and happy knitting!

  4. Pattern ordered and knitting friend has been contacted about the KAL. Our LYS (18 miles away) doesn’t appear to be participating. Now, the big question! May we knit along via the blog, 2 knitters and a dog (in his mind, he helps)? Very excited to get started!

  5. I was going to knit a black coat but decided it would be too hard on my eyes so I’m gonna do it in SW Beaches and find something extraordinarily beautiful to knit the ruffle. Would love to have suggestions for color/yarn/glitz for ruffle. I will even spend more than normal for this as I think this might be the sizzle it will need. Suggestions, please.

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