Support Your Local Yarn Store & The Designers You Love: Buy Patterns!

Everyone’s getting ready for the Knit-A-Long–this just get’s more exciting!

Let me take this opportunity to make a personal plea to you, kind and gentle knitter, to purchase your own copy of the Ella Coat for Women pattern at your local yarn store.

Those who know me know how passionate I am about copyright laws. Some of you might already feel your attention flagging, but please hear me out. I’ve written here before about how we indy designers make our livings (or try!) from selling patterns. So, while I LOVE the idea of sitting elbow to elbow with a circle of women all squinting to read from a single xeroxed pattern because it builds character and community, it doesn’t put even a crust of bread on the table of the indy designer whose pattern it is or the yarn store who stocks that pattern. I beg of you to reserve such bonding experiences for the free knitting patterns now fluttering hither and yon practically out of car windows.

Noni has solicited the participation of local yarns stores all over the country and internationally to support the Ella Coat Knit-A-Long. They have patterns and appropriate yarns at the ready for you to choose from. Support our efforts with your purchases. Don’t forget how powerful you are in supporting the designers you love and the small business, the local yarn stores, where you make your pattern and other knitting purchases. Purchase patterns with pride: know that you are directly supporting the arts, the work of the designers you buy. You are directly . . . let me say that yet more slowly and passionately (if you were here, you’d see me get a little emotional): you are di-rectly supporting us and your own community.

I speak on behalf of all of us who draft, re-draft, test, tech-edit, re-work, publish designs in hope you will love them, knit them, wear them, and bequeath them: thank you for supporting our work with your time, your passion for knitting, your hard earned dollars.

Thank you for purchasing for your friends their own patterns instead of making copies of yours. Thank you for understanding in your heart of hearts that designs you love are the foundation of our art and for feeling it is more than ever important to demonstrate that understanding by purchasing your very own copy of The Ella Coat for Women pattern.

Now, let me also say this. If you are a woman who would LOVE to participate in this knit-a-long but just simply don’t have the funds to purchase a pattern. And you are even now unraveling sweaters to have enough yarn, please write to me, tell me a little of your story, and I will see to it myself that you have your own pattern. Likewise, if you know a woman who SIMPLY CANNOT afford a Noni pattern, please write to me with your story and I will see what I can do.

So, now that we have all gone to our local yarn stores and we all have our own patterns . . . now we can begin to think about the other needed supplies. . . more about those supplies and also more about yarn in postings coming soon.

Your pattern purchase allows me to keep designing. Thank you and thank you again.

11 thoughts on “Support Your Local Yarn Store & The Designers You Love: Buy Patterns!

  1. The Noni Blog has it right! As a lawyer who worked with a group of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts to provide either free or low cost legal services to artists based on a means test, I have observed that those who create original work often have to support their art by having another job to pay the bills. It is important to realize that hours of thought and hard work in addition to financial investment, are frequently not enough to create a financial return to sustain the artist. This dilemma is not new. After all, hundreds of years ago an artist had to find a patron to survive. This type of situation no doubt gave rise to the term, “starving artist”.

    If we would like to enjoy the beautiful objects (including amazing knitting patterns), if we would like to raise our spirits and soothe our souls with a unique
    expression of art, we have to commit to do our best to support those in our community who give voice to the beautiful ideas. In that way we ALL can benefit by knitting the best for ourselves, our family, our friends, and our community.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. I agree with you Nora!
    Not only your a helping them, we are supporting our small bussines! For me is a treat to go in shop to LYS, make friends with the owner and people around who loves my hobby, my work. And the most I get inspired with those yummy yarns! So in my wish list this year is …YARN! Yummy yarns and patterns just like yours!

    Im your #1 fan!

  3. None of my local yarn shops are carrying Noni patterns. My usual online resource, Jimmy Beans Wool, doesn’t have the Ella Coat pattern. Can you help with a place for me to buy the pattern? Thanks.

    • Wendy, just before Christmas Jimmy Beans ordered the pattern, so perhaps give them another try? Also, if you have joined in on our Ravelry forum we have listed several shops also participating. I will list them below. Try one of these shops as well! Let them know you saw them listed here whichever shop you choose. We want them to know we at Noni Designs support them!
      If you pass on to me some LYS you tried I will pass the word on to them about our awesome KAL. We would hate for them to miss the opportunity to join in! melissa{at}nonipatterns{dot}com
      ~Aloha and glad you are with us knitting along!

      Here are LYS that have already committed to having the KAL in their store & have the Ella Pattern:

      Clever Ewe, Ada MI
      Cast on Cottage, Roswell, GA
      Needle in a Haystack, South Haven, MI
      Sister-Arts Studio, Chicago IL
      Fun with Fiber in Farmington Hills, MI
      Baadeck Yarns, Nova Scotia CANADA
      Elena Costella Yarn & Fibre Studio, Perth SCOTLAND
      Yarns By the Sea, Aptos CA
      Nine Rubies, San Mateo CA
      Needle Craft World, Kissimmee FL
      One Planet Yarn & Fiber and The Fiber Factory Scottsdale, AZ
      Modern Yarn Montclair NJ
      Woolbearers Mt.Holly NJ

      • Hi Melissa,

        I am encountering the same problem locating a yarn store near to me that carries The Ella Coat pattern. I live in Northern Virginia and frequent Uniquities in Vienna, VA. I’ve taken a handbag class with Nora at The Needle Lady in Charlottesville, VA and am waiting to hear back from them to see if they can send me a pattern. Would love to see more local stores carry your entire line!

      • Aloha Donna!
        I will do my best to contact your delightful LYS and let them know of your dilemma! They may not have been on our mailing list and not realize the incredible response knitters are having to Nora’s new KAL. Please email me at melissa{at}nonipatterns{dot}com and I will better assist you! I am very excited about your desire to join in the KAL and look forward to helping you get all your materials!

  4. Hi.
    I’m a great fan, but unfortunately I live in France where LYS are few, and those aware of Noni Design’s existence even fewer.
    Do you know of any that supports your designs, or else should you like me to suggest names of those who might be interested ?
    I do not know if I will have time to partcipate in the KAL, but I still think many French knitters might be interested (I’ve been wanting to knit that coat for ages !) and it might help gain new fans over there.
    Happy new year

    • Olivia,
      Happy Holidays!
      I would love to help you plug in to our KAL! First, “like” us on Facebook (Noni Designs Page) and then join our Ravelry group (Official Noni KAL: Ella Re-Invented). Please email me personally: melissa{at}nonipatterns{dot}com and i will try my best to get you the support and access to materials you need!

  5. Loved this passionate post. Makes me want to go out and buy the pattern – I’m not that skilled at knitting yet. The coat so lovely probably not something I should tackle on my first ‘real’ knitting project but definitely something I’d like to aspire to.

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