More Details about the KAL

The response to our plans to have an Ella Coat for Women Knit-A-Long has been so tremendous and exciting! Before we even officially announced the project, the KAL was international: we have participating shops in 4 countries! We have well-known bloggers in multiple countries who are going to make Ella coats, follow along with my innovations, and blog about the coat themselves–more about them in a subsequent posting so you can visit with them as they knit along with us.

We are going to be supported by several fabulous yarn companies who have generously offered their fine products to our team of bloggers and also as prizes and give-aways you and your participating shop will be eligible for.

And there is so much more fun to come! Knitters who participate will be able to get exclusive content from their participating shops for specially designed coordinating accessories (think bag, gauntlets, cowls and other decorations for your person).

Check out our Facebook page often for more information, follow us on Twitter, and join the Ravelry Forum set up especially for this KAL.

Subscribe to this blog feed: If you missed these instructions before, here they are again. Look to the right of this post just below the latest entries, comments, and archives. See the “Entries RSS” right below Admin? Click on that and you will see a page that allows you to subscribe to this blog. The “Comments RSS” feed allows you to subscribe to all the comments.

There is plenty of time to get your pattern and pick out your yarn. More details about swatching and picking out your yarn shortly.


10 thoughts on “More Details about the KAL

    • Here are the sizes featured in the pattern:

      Bust Size 32” 36” 40” 44” 48” 52”
      Finished Bust 34” 38” 42” 46” 50” 54”

      There is not a lot of positive ease in the finished coat: I envisioned that this coat would be worn in place of a sweater, over a t-shirt or sleeveless camisole. If you want to wear this coat as an outer garment, you may need to make a larger size. When I wear my Ella Coat as an outer garment, I wear two same-sized Ellas layered.

    • Hey there Alice! To start I like to think of my main color…using a provisional cast on I knit a bit in this color and then I simply experiment with a color swatch. I use provisional cast on so after knitting one way I pick up live stitches from the direction and try something completely different! Don’t break the yarn or cast off and then you can pull it out if you don’t like it! Try this a bit and then look for Nora’s blog tomorrow on this very subject! Hope it helps!

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