The Gift of Sun. . . Flowers

There are times when I knit for the beauty of it. I take the time to devote myself to the project without worrying about the time it takes. The demands of the gift rule me. Such was the way with the Sunflower scarf.

The scarf can be made as short or as long as you please. . . one need only tweak the Sunflower pattern slightly. Work with a single-strand of worsted weight yarn. For the stem, work only 7 rounds and then follow the pattern as written. I varied the color of the sunflower petals slightly for interest. This scarf contains 15 flowers and is dramatically stunning either worn long or wrapped multiple times against the cold. A duster-length scarf is not for everyone: a 7 – 8 flower scarf is a beautiful ornament with a professional suit, or a fun and casual cowl-ish lovely when wrapped once and pinned or sewn together as an infinity-wrap.

I sewed the petals together as though they were holding hands, their petals fingers twined  – this is prettier than sewing just the petal tips together.

The perfect present for someone you really love. Or a special gift for yourself.

8 thoughts on “The Gift of Sun. . . Flowers

    • I think something that might make it easier to pull off for some wearers is to use the sunflowers at the end of a fabric or knitted scarf, or to make them smaller (more like a necklace?) out of DK weight or even lace-weight yarn on an appropriate gauge needle, such as a 3 or 1 respectively. Or, think about this: RED sunflowers. When I want to challenge my thinking, I just look at images of actual flowers and that always jolts me into new creative territory. Thank you so much for your comments!

  1. I love your suggestion of knitting in a different color! And I love this scarf too! I can see knitting just one flower to attach to my black cloche. Talk about brightening up the winter! And the suggestion for simply attaching to the ends of scarves is great too!

    • You’ve nailed my design philosophy, Jennifer! Beautiful things that celebrate life and make people smile. Happy bags. . . happy scarves . . .

  2. I HAD to comment again! I love the scarf featured in the blog even better on the real live woman!! I think we need a “Year Long Holiday Gift Knitting” group! Any chance of that this new year??? You have such great ideas! It would be awesome to incorporate them over a longer stretch of time! {anyone else think this might be fun?}

    • Thank you so much, Ingerlise, for your lovely comments. It’s good to be in touch with you again, too. Share with us some of your beautiful creations, too! Post pictures on my Facebook page–I would love that!

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