Rediscovering the Ella Coat for Women

I designed the Ella Coat for Women during the Summer of 2008 for Fall 08 release. I made the coats in my own size but didn’t wear them for a few reasons. They were in demand for trunk shows. They spent a lot of time on mannequins . . . until this Fall.  I started wearing them. One is striped, cool colors–it’s the coat featured on the inside of the pattern. It is made in Shepherd’s Wool and so soft I can wear a short-sleeved t-shirt underneath. The other is turquoise Lorna’s Laces kettle-dyed superwash merino. Also delicious.

I love these coats. In fact, I have to force myself, as the days grow cooler, NOT to wear one of them each day. I fear I will wear them out too too fast. But they are swingy, with A-line shaping. The front is ruffled on one side and appeals to my love of froof.

So, I’ve been working on another coat.  I mean, I’ve got lots of plans for this pattern. I want one in every color with all sorts of innovations. But for now, I’ve settled for working stripes off pattern, making the coat long, AND ruffling both sides of the front . . . all the way down.

I am at the studio as I write and the coat I am working on (almost done! working on the sleeves in the evenings!) is at home, so I will post more later with pictures included.

But let me say this: everywhere I go people love this coat. On a recent teaching tour to California (perfect Ella coat weather, I might add) lots of the workshop attendees tried on one of the other of my coats, all of their bodies different than mine, some ladies a little larger, some a little smaller. I am not the least embellishing when I say the coats looked good on everyone. If your body is a little rectangular, it looks great, the shaping adds shape and flare, some romance. If you are a little more spanish guitar shaped, the A-line skims over hips in a flattering way. A little broad in the shoulders? The ruffled hem creates balance. Don’t care for the striped effect? Make it solid, or just stripe at the hem and cuffs for a unique detail. Tall? Make it LONG.  Smallish? I’m only 5 foot 2 early in the morning so I like to wear platforms to give me a little extra stature, but short or longer, the Ella coat is such a lovely shape it works.

The smallest size fits a 32″ bust, the largest a 52″ bust. . . so there is a size for just about everyone.

Knit along with me. . . more shortly with what I tweaked and how you can do what I have done, or just follow the pattern as written.

2 thoughts on “Rediscovering the Ella Coat for Women

  1. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for this “reinvention of Ella”! Personally, I adored her before, but I agree with the “more ruffles the better” trend! I am also super stoked to see you blogging again! Can we expect more?!

  2. I’ve been reading through your blog after seeing you on Pinterest. I have to say that I have knit two Ella Coats – one for each of my daughters. After three years my oldest grew out of hers this year, but my youngest still wears her lovely coat. It is the most complemented thing I’ve ever knitted. People are shocked I knit it, want to touch it, and want me to knit one for their daughter.

    All that to say, thank you for designing a coat that challenged me as a knitter and is so beautiful on my daughters. I don’t know that I would want to make one for myself {as I am not a fast knitter… that would take me forever}, but I do love the coat.

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