SoapBox: Support Designers/Designs You Love

I recently was browsing the shelves of a local large chain bookstore.  I came across the work of Stephanie Japel. I have to say, I LOVE what she does with a sweater. I have had Fitted Knits for a while but it was Glam Knits I came across. The photography is sexy but the models look real (how often do we see both in one photograph?).

There is so much I love about this book of sweaters! I bought it. Not because I will likely knit any of the sweaters (I’m being realistic about my time, you see). No, I just don’t have the time to knit anything other than something for Noni except for maybe twice a year for about two days. No, I bought her book because I love what she is doing.  I love her style, the passion that comes out in her designs, her appreciation for the feminine form, the understated sensuality that is evident in every sweater.

I bought her book, in short, because I want to see what she does next.  I want her to write another book, and another.  I want her to keep designing.

As an Indie designer who has been fortunate enough to make a living from selling my designs in my own pattern line for a couple of years (I started Noni five years ago this August 19), I must confess that I am struggling to keep Noni alive.  If designers are to keep creating new and wonderful items, they need to be paid for their expertise and time.

The only way I, and other designers like me, can continue to concentrate on producing excellent design is if you, gentle knitter, and all your like-minded knitting friends pay for the designs you love.  Most patterns cost about the same or less than a ball of good, high quality yarn.  And a good pattern can bring you years, even decades of pleasure.  You can use it repeatedly, make unique gifts for countless others. The instructions in a good pattern are priceless, do more, and outlast any single ball of yarn.  Design is a precious thing, something that should be thoughtfully nurtured, supported.  If you enjoy unique and well-written patterns, buy one for your self and buy some for your friends. What a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

As well as writing patterns for you, I am working on a book of 50 unique flower patterns as well as 6 – 7 projects that utilize those flowers. It is a labor of love and I am enjoying every minute. It is a further extension of my creative self.  When it is finally in print, I hope you will enjoy my book as much as I enjoy purchasing books by Japel and other designers.  To keep the creative juices flowing – please support your favorite designers- purchase their patterns instead of copying or sharing them.

Thank you for supporting Noni. Look for more postings about the book flowers and projects in the coming days, weeks, and months.

11 thoughts on “SoapBox: Support Designers/Designs You Love

  1. BRAVOOOO It’s about time designers speak loudly about their designs. We own a yarn store and EVERYDAY have ladies ask me to copy and give them for free your and other designers work. They walk in with copies and ask for help and try to return books saying they will never knit the sweaters.

    Kudo to you and all designers who speak out against copying. Keep up the good work – let shop owners know what we can do to educate the consumer.

  2. I love books and never complain about the price. We have to respect your work. It is you and your design that keep us knitting!
    Sadly, there will always be people that dont respect others.

    Noni, your book, will I be able to buy it? Will it be sold though shops on the Internet?

    Spring in Sweden. The apple trees are in full bloom, and the cherry trees. As they should for it is Mothers day on may 30th.

  3. I own almost all of your patterns and check your website frequently in the Fall and Spring awaiting the new designs. I can’t wait to see the book you’re working on. I’m sure it will be amazing!

  4. I am so glad you are writing a book. I took a class with you on purses and flowers and loved it. I felt many things and enjoy the process. I also think you are very talented and have alot to offer in the way of design and information. I have used your purse lining information and think it is very well written and easy to follow, your knitting patterns are the same. I have made several purses and they have all been a great joy to create. Thank you Nora and keep on creating and writting I think you have a way with words also. You are very clever.
    A fellow Knitter

  5. Nora –

    I took a purse class with you at Knitch in Atlanta and LOVED your designs and flowers. When will your flower book be out? My daughter wants me to make felted flowers for her wedding next year and I would love to use your designs. I know they will be awesome.

    Can you guess when your flower book will be available?

  6. I am so excited to read that you are publishing a book. I saw your work this weekend in Rhinebeck, NY and was completely blown away. Just Gorgeous! All the best, Carol NYC

  7. While I agree with your sentiment that people should pay for patterns they really want and I absolutely love some of yours, I thought it might be helpful to realize why some of us don’t. I have thought about getting your nomad pattern for a very long time, and finally decided to splurge on a pattern the other day. (My husband is a student and our family of three lives off less than $2000.00/mo). I was very excited to finally purchase it, when I was then disappointed to realize how difficult to get it was. Not a single yarn store within 200 miles of me carried the pattern I wanted, and I live in a large city. Finally, I ordered it from a store half-way across the country, only to find I had to pay $5.00 in shipping! I understand you do not choose how much they charge for shipping, but if it had been an impulse buy or I was an emotional shopper, that would have changed my mind. Other than the extra money, the wait to actually get the pattern is disappointing as well. Have you considered downloadable pdf files or allowing ordering straight from your website? I understand needing to be paid for your work, but making your patterns easier to purchase would go an extremely long way towards extending your customer base. I look forward to when my pattern does finally get here, and do love your designs. However if there was anything else on the market remotely similar to the one I wanted and easier to actually get I probably would have given up and purchased a different one.

  8. Hi Nora,

    I am an ‘intrepid’ beginning knitter, making my first Noni Bag (Tulip Tote.) I’ve gotten sidetracked along the way (2 hats and now a baby jumper for my neighbor’s new grandchild,) but I keep plugging away.

    While knitting at the shop I frequent, I recently heard from a yarn artist about your pending book, and was thrilled about it, because your work is so “me” and unique:)

    Actually, it was seeing a friend’s Noni purse, (knitted/felted by her mother) that actually made me want to knit in the first place!

    And I can sympathize with your ‘plea’ in this blogpost. I’m a songwriter, and in this increasingly wired world, intellectual property means nothing to most people. Creators deserve to be compensated for the time, talent and effort that their art requires.

    One of these days, I will be the happy wearer of one of your beautiful creations. And I look forward to your new book.

    Best Wishes,
    Linda Geleris

  9. Hi there, looking forward to hearing more about the book too… I am a book junkie and would LOVE the book… that I could justify buying just “because” or for someday while a pattern I would have to have definite plans to make NOW… and skills aren’t yet up to it.

  10. Can’t wait. I love supporting my local LDS, but even though our city has close to two million people, we still only have a very few stores, and even fewer that carry your patterns. It’s crying shame I tell ya!
    Keep up the great work.
    I can’t wait for your book, and I love your new designs!

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