The Noni Design Studio (and Noni Store) UPDATE!

January 25 (Monday): I was sitting at my desk when Wayne (the go to guy at Savage Mill when you need something, the guy who chases the grafitti-making kids away, the guy who makes sure people REALLY don’t park at the loading dock, who organizes the snow plows. . . you get the idea.  He’s awesome) pops his head into my studio and says, “You’re movin’ tomorrow!”  Now, this might normally have thrown me into a panic of packing, but my TO DO list was already very long and my little one has been with me at work because he’s been recovering from a terrible cold–this is week 2 out of school, that’s how terrible–but he’s on the mend.  So, I just went about my day and figured, I’ll pack tomorrow.  But I did think to run up the hall to the new space and get some before pictures right before I left for the day.

The red room is going to be my office.  I have always wanted a red room.  I have wanted a red bedroom (my husband said NO!).  I have wanted a red dining room (difficult in an open-format. . . we didn’t want a red dining room and living room).  I wanted a red office at home (but it was already so dark, so I refrained).  At LAST I have my red room.  I can’t wait.

The big room will be a combination of teaching and retail space.  The light is incredible as it is a South-facing studio.  I’m excited.


This is the room that will become my office/shipping area.

The-big-room-before-picture-2This room will become my studio workshop/retail space.

January 26 (Tuesday): My wee one is with me again today and tired, so this makes packing next to impossible.  Wayne dropped in to say I should be ready to move at 12:30.  I’ve got orders to fill AND less than 2 hours to prepare for the move.  Wayne and some other fellows are moving me, so my worry about finding people to help is put to rest.

At 12:45 the guys show up with dollies.  I’ve managed to get some big boxes out into the hall.  Meantime, my little guy has fallen asleep on the couch, so we whisper and tiptoe around, trying to move big pieces of furniture at the same time.  Somehow, the little fellow sleeps through most of it, only waking up right before we move the couch with him on it.  Wayne just kept saying, Wow, he’s a good sleeper!

I think we were out of the little studio in about an hour.  Maybe an hour and a half.  I got pizza for everyone but don’t sit down to eat the salad I have put aside for myself until nearly 3 pm.  By then it’s the best salad I’ve ever tasted.  By the end of the day, my red room is taking shape.  I love it.



January 27 (Wednesday): I wake up excited to get to work and leave earlier than usual. The morning light is incredible, casting window shadows on the paintings over my desk.


I’ve got orders to fill, so working on the arranging has to be put off for a while.  I know things are going to change, but I’ve got my personal yarn organized, mostly.



The big room is another story.  It’s just piles of sample bags, garments, boxes of bags, bags of bags.  It’s a gorgeous jumble.


I’ve got some shelving coming tomorrow, some next week.  Shepherd’s Wool Yarn is on the way from Stonehedge Fiber Mill.  I’ve ordered their entire palette to have in “The Noni Store” so that when folks come to take classes and workshops they have wonderful yarn to choose from. I will have purse frames, custom zippers in great colors,  JUL’s entire line of bag hardware, buttons, shawl sticks and other lovelies.  I am looking into having the entire palette of Flurries, Whistler, and perhaps also Disco Lights and Plie.  I’m still sorting through yarn and color cards.  I do know that I will have a special Local Fiber section devoted to the wonderful yarn being produced here in Maryland.  There are lots of GREAT small producers nearby.  I visit Dancing Leaf and Kiparoo Farms this month to see how we can work together..

In the meantime, stop in if you are over at the Mill.  I’m now in Carding Studio 108.

January 28 (Thursday): At 10 am, my dear friend Jean is coming over to help me move some shelving.  He’s got a truck and the strongest back of anyone I know.


February 2, 2010

I finished hanging the curtains that divide the space between my office and the studio/workshop space.  Take a peak at the Noni-fied tie back!


My first shipment of Shepherd’s Wool has arrived!  It looks amazing on the shelf.  As the month goes by, I’ll be getting more yarn in and more shelving.  Here’s how things look today, toward the end of the day.  The light is not the best as I don’t have all my lighting set up and it’s gotten gloomy outside as they are predicting snow.  My husband and son join me tonight for an in-studio picnic of chili we made last night and then down to work.  We are going to put a shelving unit together and then perhaps hang a few lights. . . I suspect this work may take more than one picnic night in the studio. . .


March 11, 2010

I’ve done some tweaking since the last update.  I’ve gotten more Shepherd’s Wool in.  AND CHAIRS!  People can come in and sit down now!


I’ve arranged most of the bags on some display shelving with some luscious Tilli Tomas Flurries tucked in here and there.


I tidied up my own working space because I’m in the midst of finishing up the Spring 2010 Collection, including The Best of Noni in Crochet!  Photoshoot next week . . .  I needed a clean, well-lit place to work.  Take a peak. . .


A closer look at my knitting nook and personal stash. . .