Come See Me In My Studio!

I have just moved my studio from a home office to The Savage Mill in Savage Maryland.  If you have never been to the mill you are in for a treat:  it’s an old fiber mill–cotton mostly, as I understand–and has been re-worked to house artist studios, retail places of all sorts, antiques, and some great places to eat, including a wonderful pub/tavern, and a french bakery.  I’ve heard rumors that a middle eastern place is coming soon.

I am in studio 118 and at this writing things are moving from disarray to order.  I will be in this studio for a few months at most and then I move up the hall to a larger space that will allow me to have separate areas for my design/teaching/workshop space and my shipping/distribution activities.

If you are in the area, come see me!  My door will be open during the week from Tuesday – Friday 10-ish to 5:30-ish.  Call if you are going to be by at other times.  I am selling patterns and purse frames, noni labels, and maybe soon also yarn from this location.  In other words, just about everything you need for your Noni bags and garments. . .


I will shortly take pictures of the large work table and the (sort of) comfortable place to sit.  I move things around almost daily. . . so it already looks different.  And as trunk shows come and go, the bags hanging up and on the floor change.

More soon.

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