Why are Circular Bags Less Popular?

I’ve noticed over the years that circular bags are not as popular as rectangular and square ones.  And this perplexes me . . . Perhaps you can help.

My Favorite Bags are All Circular

All of my favorite bags are circular by construction.  Some of you may know my trademark red bag with 3 big red camellias.  This was the first Noni bag ever, and when it first came out of the wash I was convinced it was a failure, but as I worked on it, stood inside it and pulled up as though trying to wear it, put my fists inside and pulled and pushed outward I started to see how terrific it was.  A vase in felt.  I fell in love with it and have been carrying (and treating it badly) ever since.  It’s been my almost constant companion for almost 10 years.  It still looks fabulous.

My red bag:  the first Noni

My red bag: the first Noni

And one of my other all time  favorites:  the majollica bag.  A completely under loved bag!  Why is this?  Is it because of the color work?  Do the carries scare people?

Help me out here, folks.  I need some feedback.  PLEASE comment and tell me what you think, or what you know.  For example, if you didn’t buy this pattern, why not?

The Beautiful Majollica

I think if you saw me wearing my pink majollica bag, you’d want one.  I could be wrong (and if I am, please tell me), but when I wear this bag, I feel like royalty.  With huge, over the top camellias on one side, the smooth curves of the bags on the opposite side fitting nicely with my own, it’s the best bag in the world.  The single knitted strap is comfortable and never cuts me.  I LOVE this bag.  Mine is unlined and that has never bothered me.  As I put more things in the bag it changes shape, becoming more leek-like.  I love this.

My favorite bag. . . today

My favorite bag. . . today

One of the first times I wore this bag I was standing in a line and the woman in front of me kept turning her head to look at the bag only to turn away in a funny way every time she thought I might have glanced her way.  It was hilarious to watch her look as though she wasn’t looking.  Finally she couldn’t keep it up, turned all the way around and said, “I love this bag-I’ve never seen anything like it.  Can I touch it?”  I was over the moon.

Circular Bags are Often Easier to Make than Angular Ones

Circular bags are easy to make, and easy to wear.  They fit our bodies . . . so why are they not sufficiently appreciated?  Other circular bags I have loved but have not been as loved as their more angular counterparts:  Garden Party, Tube Baguettes, Dr. Seuss, Harlequin Pill Box, Spring Basket . . .

What do YOU think?

8 thoughts on “Why are Circular Bags Less Popular?

  1. It might be because of the profile when worn on the body. A flat bag would lie closer. Not really sure how to put what I am trying to say.

  2. Hi Nora,
    Since you are talking about the circular bags I would like to try to make one for myself.I was thinking the Circular Lattice, is this one the same dimensions as the red one?
    Do you have a pattern for the first Noni bag( the red one).
    I always like this bag, when I saw it for the first time at your house, and in the pictures, but I forgot about it, until now. And is a beautiful bag!



  3. I have made several of your circular bags and will advise that– after a time, maybe even a short time — they tip over. The circular bags are simply less stable than the rectangles, particularly when there are the beautiful (but heavy) flowers causing the bag to be weighted on one side. And, if the bag doesn’t have a closure (which most of the circ’s don’t), then all tumbles out when it tips.
    For that reason, I do not spend time making any of the circular bags now.

  4. I guess I should have asked why do you love circular bags as I do? I, like Peg, have had the tippping over problem, but with almost any bag, even store-bought rectangular ones. My red one slumps over regularly, but I still carry it. It is simply too beautiful to be left at home. The fact is that if you put embellishment on one side, it will tip to the heavy side or fall over. What I have found, however, is that with my stuff in the bottom, it is less likely to do so. As for closures, I always put closures on the top, even of circular bags. A zipper will work well, as will a magnetic or regular heavy duty sew-in snap.

  5. Hello Nora,

    I will say that, before I took your workshop this weekend, I was more attracted to the more defined, shaped bags with minimal flowers. After seeing your bags in real life (especially the Majollica one), I fell in love with the cooky looking ones with the big flowers! They just grab your attention! If I spend time making a bag, I want people to notice it.

    Most of us are a little afraid to go out of our comfort zone and will not try out the most “over-the-top” bags (which seem to be the circular ones)… until they see them!

    Thanks again for the great workshop…. I’m a convert :).

  6. Hello! I was so excited to make one of your fabulous market bags–only to discover I don’t know how to do short rows..I have been completely overwhelmed by the information on the internet without a clear understanding of how to proceed. Could you possibly recommend a site that explains the techniques required in your pattern. Of course, a workshop or class would be great, however, that isn’t possible at this time. Thank you for any help you could provide–I’m looking forward to a finished product by Christmas!

  7. About the circular bags. I love them! They are sit-up-and-get-noticed bags. I just completed the Lattice Bag with big roses along the top and rolled leather handles. I also lined it with red dupioni and inserted a zipper. What a looker! I love the way it hugs the body, easy to hold. I can’t wait to make the Majolica Bag. Like Dora, I’m waiting for a pattern for your first red bag. Keep ’em coming! I can’t get enough Noni bags!

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