Garment Tag Line Contest . . . Finally, The Results

Many thanks to those who made suggestions for our Garment tag line paragraph!  I appreciate  all the lovely things you said about the patterns and the designs.  There were two entries that gave us some ideas for our final paragraph.  Thanks to Karen Barrett and Mary Helen Ross for contributing their fresh ideas!  Because the final paragraph is a melange of my own ideas and those of these two contest participants, I offer both Karen and Mary Helen to choose their favorite 3 of the new Spring line.  If you would both write to me directly at with your mailing address and your top 3 picks, that would be great.  As for the rest of those who participated in this contest, I would like to offer you each one flower pattern.  Please, each of you, write to me at my e-mail (above) and let me know your top three picks.  I will send from what I have in my studio.  Thank you again for participating!  Keep checking back for more contests and other ways to share what you have made with others and see what folks are doing in different places (even countries).

Here is the tag line paragraph we have settled on:

Knit a Noni garment for yourself, a child you cherish, or a special loved one . . .   Noni brings to garments for children and adults the same bold sense of color, classic fashion-forward style, and whimsical sensibility that she has always brought to bags, flowers, and accessories.  Easy to knit and easy to wear, Noni garments are made with movement and comfort for the whole family in mind.  Combine the garments with flowers and other embellishments as a way to explore and define your own unique creative style.

1 thought on “Garment Tag Line Contest . . . Finally, The Results

  1. I’m glad you came with the final paragraph, I think is great and described your line and yourself perfectly.

    I’ll be e-mailing you my picks.

    your knitter and always # 1 fan,

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